Central Texas 

Gateway to the Hill Country and Highland Lakes Region

Beautification Project

Share the Hill Country wildflower season splendor with generations to come.



$22    –  1/2 lb Lady Bird Legacy Wildflower Mix – 500 square feed of seeding

$44    –  1 lb Lady Bird Legacy Wildflower Mix – 1000 square feed of seeding

$550 – 12.5 lbs Lady Bird Legacy Wildflower Mix – 1/2 ACRE of seeding.

$1100 – 25lbs Lady Bird Legacy Wildflower Mix – 1 FULL ACRE of seeding.

Seed donations will be sent directly to Native American Seed Company and used for abundant seeding during the planting seasons of 2017 & 2018.

Donations will be held in a secure CSTH account with the Austin Community Foundation’s Highland Lakes Legacy Fund until annual disbursement for the purchase of seed is authorized. This fund management assures donors of the highest level of integrity, accountability and stewardship. All donations will be acknowledged with a charitable donation receipt for your tax records.

Planting Location: US Highway 281 at TX Highway 71 – Marble Falls, Burnet County TX

Over fifty-six (56) acres of grassy medians, easements and cloverleaf sections are targeted for wildflower seeding in planting seasons of 2017 and 2018.  The project site’s seeding will be done by Native American Seed utilizing a no-till seed drill method which greatly increases the chance of success, as this method  keeps seeds safe until climatic conditions are right for them to thrive, even if it takes a decade.

A portion of your donation will qualify to support Lady Bird Johnson’s  Wildflower Center’s  Seed Grants for Texas Schools



This project is dedicated to the LEGACY of Lady Bird Johnson whose vision was to preserve and restore the beauty and biological richness of the Texas Hill Country before losing its natural beauty to urban development.

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Purchase a bag of seed for the project or

Sponsor a few acres.  Together we will

create a Hill Country wildflower season

splendor for generations to come.


We need your help to promote the

vision! Please share our project

information with your friends, family and



The Beautification Project is a great

opportunity for individuals, groups, and

organizations to come together and

make a difference!

Help Beautify the Gateway to the Hill Country.